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With the MGHPCC being a resource simultaneously shared with hundreds of users and thousands of jobs at the same time, a set of rules must be in place to ensure equitable use among all users yet make sure that few jobs get starved for resources. As such, the rules listed here are considered the official acceptable use policies for this cluster. Modifications can be implemented via the MGHPCC User Group and will be reflected in changes to this area.

Acceptable Use

All use of MGHPCC will conform to the University of Massachusetts Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing and Data Resources Standards along with the Acceptable Use Policy for your local campus. Violations may result in account termination and referral to local IT staff.

Please note all accounts on GHPCC are individual accounts, and are only to be accessed by the user they have been created for, or by the account's sponsoring PI.

Authorized users

Access is allowed to any research department or lab at any participating UMASS University. Each user must have an affiliation with a lab or department.

Queue Structure

The goal is to create a fair queuing structure based off of the Fairshare polices for the nodes added to the UMASS MGHPCC environment. UMASS MGHPCC Fairshare is defined as: All users have access to all resources. All hardware will be made available on a first come basis to users, where user delta values will be enforced when resources are not available and queuing is required. User queue utilization will be calculated by LSF by job usage. The half-life for user delta values used during queuing is three days.

Queue Name Notes Restrictions
interactive Interactive use jobs Limited to 5 concurrent jobs per person
short Jobs running with a maximum wall time of 4 hours as of 9/17/2014 Queue limited to 80% of available cores
long Jobs running with a maximum wall time of 30 days No restrictions, default queue
gpu Jobs that need access to GPU resources
gpu_geforceGTX Additional GPU nodes donated by UMass Dartmouth

Disk Usage

Disk storage is allocated per PI, and per user (organized by PI)

  • MGHPCC storage consists of the following sizes per campus
    • UMASS Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell – 22TBs per campus
    • UMASS Worcester – 400 TBs
  • Project space will be created per PI as space is available
    • All users are provided 50GBs of storage for their local HOME directory; the storage will be allocated out of the campus allocation for the given user’s quota.

PIs and users are responsible for archiving storage to long term and/or deep archival solutions from their home and project space storage.

Storage is not oversubscribed, so if you are given 1TB of storage you have immediate and full access to the entire space. This may delay new requests for storage if your school is near or at its capacity. We will work closely with all campuses to ensure sufficient capacity is available.

There is no replication or disaster recovery (DR) available for most MGHPCC disk resources. Users are expected to perform their own backups.

Password Policy

The current password policy is as follows. The password must contain:

at least 9 characters
at least one digit
at least one other character

HIPAA and other secure data

MGHPCC is not a HIPAA-covered entity. Using MGHPCC for processing or storing PHI or other private data is not allowed and will result in account termination and a report to be filed with the local data security group for followup. If you have PHI or other secure data, please consider the co-lo option or consult your local IT staff for guidance.

Security for limited-use data (dbGaP) can be applied by using UNIX groups to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the data. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that appropriate group memberships are maintained and data is properly secured for group access. Please contact us if you would like assistance.