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GHPCC has a number of operational policies that are driven by the larger UMass research community that uses the cluster. User group meetings convene on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss policy changes requested by users or the technical staff that manages the cluster on a day to day basis.

The official Media:MGHPCC_User_Group_Policies.pdf document is available.

Meeting Minutes

10/02/2013 - Media:HPC User Group Meeting Minutes from 10-02-2013.pdf document is available.
11/06/2013 - Media:MGHPCC User Group Meeting 11162013 - minutes.pdf document is available
12/05/2013 - Media:MGHPCC_User_Group_Meeting_120513_-_minutes.pdf document is available
01/15/2014 - Media:MGHPCC_User_Group_Meting_011514_-_minutes.pdf document is available
02/05/2014 - Media:HPC User Group Feb 2014.pdf document is available
04/10/2014 - Media:MGHPCC_User_Group_Meting_041014_-_minutes.pdf document is available
08/06/2014 - Media:MGHPCC_User_Group_meeting_080614_-_minutes.pdf document is available