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Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) is a unique initiative by the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to deliver a world-class computational infrastructure to the research and academic community, indispensable in the increasingly data-rich environment of modern science. With the increasingly integrated role of computation in basic and applied research, the MGHPCC represents a critical piece of infrastructure that will fuel the innovation economy of the Commonwealth.

The five campuses of the University of Massachusetts are the “consortium within the consortium” of the MGHPCC, deploying their own shared high performance computing cluster at the MGHPCC facility in Holyoke. The rationale for an UMass HPC cluster is simple: it’s a cost-effective and powerful resource for the UMass research community. This UMass HPC is governed by a research advisory council and a user group.