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GHPCC uses Modules to allow you to easily add and remove needed software. You can also select a specific version of a software package if it is available. You can get the current list of modules available from the shell prompt with:

[mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$ module avail

You can get additional information on what each package does using:

[mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$ module whatis atlas
atlas                : provides portable optimal linear algebra software

[mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$

Using module whatis without a package name lists information for all installed packages.

Once you have selected a module you would like to use, you can use module load samplemodule/version to load the module. When you are done, you can use module unload samplemodule to remove the module from your environment. The version number is required when loading any module, but pressing the TAB key on your keyboard will either autocomplete if there is only one version or list the available versions if there is more than one match.

 [mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$ module load NAMD/2.9
 [mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$ module load NAMD/2.9

If you would like a different version, you can specify it manually:

[mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$ module load NAMD/2.9-multicore-CUDA
[mfk@ghpcc06 ~]$

If a module has dependencies on a library or other modules, they will be automatically loaded for you. Please contact us if you find problems.

Currently Installed Modules

For a list of recently installed software, please see the "Cluster Update Log" at the top of the navigation bar on the left side of this screen. We make an effort to update that as new software is installed or updated.

Module Description
Allim/1.1 loads the Allim environment
BAT/0.9.3 loads the BAT environment
CGAT/0.2.4 loads the CGAT environment
CellProfiler/20170217 loads the CellProfiler environment
Cuba/3.3 loads the Cuba environment
EMBOSS/6.6.0 analysis package specially developed for the needs of the molecular biology (e.g. EMBnet) user community
FLASH/1.2.11 loads the FLASH environment
GATK/2.8-1 loads the GATK environment
GATK/3.3-0 loads the GATK environment
GATK/3.4-46 loads the GATK environment
GATK/3.5 loads the GATK environment
GISTIC/2.0.22 loads the GISTIC environment
GapCloser/1.12-r6 loads the GapCloser environment
GeneTorrent/3.8.5a loads the GeneTorrent environment
HOMER/4.3 loads the HOMER environment
HOMER/4.6 loads the HOMER environment
HiC-Pro/2.7.1 loads the HiC-Pro environment
IGV/2.3.31 loads the IGV environment
IGVTools/2.3.31 loads the IGVTools environment
ImageJ/1.47 loads the ImageJ environment
ImageMagick/6.8.9-1 loads the ImageMagick environment
JAGS/4.1.0 loads the JAGS environment
LAMMPS/16Feb16 loads the LAMMPS environment
LAMMPS/28Jun14-base loads the LAMMPS environment
LAMMPS/7Dec2015-base loads the LAMMPS environment
LASTZ/1.02.00 loads the LASTZ environment
LDOPE/1.7 loads the LDOPE environment
LSDTopoTools/20161027 loads the LSDTopoTools environment
MIRA/4.0.2 loads the MIRA environment
MUMmer/3.23 loads the MUMmer environment
MetaPhlAn/2.0 loads the metaphlan environment
MrBayes/3.2.2 loads the MrBayes environment
NAMD/2.10_Linux-x86_64-TCP loads the NAMD environment
NAMD/2.10_Linux-x86_64-ibverbs loads the NAMD environment
NAMD/2.10_Linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp loads the NAMD environment
NAMD/2.10_Linux-x86_64-multicore loads the NAMD environment
NAMD/2.9-multicore a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9-multicore-CUDA a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9_Linux-x86-TCP loads the NAMD environment
NAMD/2.9_Linux-x86_64-ibverbs a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9_Linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9_Linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp-CUDA a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9b2 a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
NAMD/2.9smp a parallel molecular dynamics code for large biomolecular systems
PCAP-core/2.5.0 loads the PCAP-core environment
PredictHaplo/1.0 loads the PredictHaplo environment
R/2.14.2 a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R/2.15.0 a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R/3.0.1 a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R/3.0.2 a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R/3.1.0 loads the R environment
R/3.2.0 loads the R environment
R/3.2.1 loads the R environment
R/3.2.2 loads the R environment
R/3.3.1 loads the R environment
R/3.4.0 loads the R environment
R/DEV_MOD/3.1.0/CRISPRseek/1.5.5 loads the R/DEV_MOD/3.1.0/CRISPRseek environment
R/devel_2015_10_26 loads the R environment
RNA-SeQC/1.1.7 loads the RNA-SeQC environment
RSEM/1.2.11 loads the RSEM environment
RSEM/1.2.29 loads the RSEM environment
RSEM/1.2.31 loads the RSEM environment
RSEM/1.3.0 loads the RSEM environment
RepeatMasker/4.0.5 loads the RepeatMasker environment
RepeatScout/1.0.5 a tool to discover repetitive substrings in DNA
SOAPdenovo2/r240 loads the SOAPdenovo2 environment
SPAdes/3.9.1 loads the SPAdes environment
SQUID/1.9g loads the SQUID environment
Structure/2.3.4 a free software package for using multi-locus genotype data to investigate population structure
TMAP/2014_07_02 loads the TMAP environment
TeXLive/20151102 loads the TeXLive environment
Turtle/0.3.1 loads the Turtle environment
VMD/1.9.1 a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting
ViennaRNA/2.1.6h loads the ViennaRNA environment
XDS/20161028 loads the XDS environment
XDS/20170616 loads the XDS environment
abyss/1.3.6 a de novo, parallel, paired-end sequence assembler that is designed for short reads
abyss/1.5.2 a de novo, parallel, paired-end sequence assembler that is designed for short reads
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_fma4 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_fma4_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_fma4_mp loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_fma4_mp_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_mp loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/gfortran64_mp_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_fma4 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_fma4_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_fma4_mp loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_fma4_mp_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_mp loads the acml environment
acml/5.3.1/ifort64_mp_int64 loads the acml environment
acml/x loads the acml environment
acml/y loads the acml environment
agrep/2.04 loads the agrep environment
alleleCount/3.1.1 loads the alleleCount environment
amdappsdk/ loads the amdappsdk/ environment
amdlibm/3.1-lin64 loads the amdlibm environment
apache-ant/1.9.2 a Java library and command-line tool whose mission is to drive processes described in build files as targets and extension points dependent upon each other
apr/1.4.8 create and maintain software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations
apr-util/1.5.2 loads Apache Portable Runtime utilities
armadillo/4.200.0 loads the armadillo environment
armadillo/4.500.0 loads the armadillo environment
ascatNGS/3.0.3 loads the ascatNGS environment
aspera/3.1.1 loads the aspera environment
atlas/3.10.1 provides portable optimal linear algebra software
atlas/3.10.2 loads the atlas environment
atlas/3.10.3 loads the atlas environment
autoconf/2.69 loads the autoconf environment
autogen/5.18.4 loads the autogen environment
automake/1.14 loads the automake environment
automake/1.15 loads the automake environment
bamtools/2.3.0 loads the bamtools environment
bcftools/1.4.1 loads the bcftools environment
bcftools/2014_06_02 loads the bcftools environment
bcl2fastq/1.8.4 loads the bcl2fastq environment
bcl2fastq/ loads the bcl2fastq environment
bcl2fastq/ loads the bcl2fastq environment
bcl2fastq/ loads the bcl2fastq environment
beagle-lib/2014_04_29 loads the beagle-lib environment
bedops/2.4.14-x86_64 loads the bedops environment
bedtools/2.17.0 flexible suite of utilities for comparing genomic features
bedtools/2.21.0 loads the bedtools environment
bedtools/2.22.0 loads the bedtools environment
bedtools/2.25.0 loads the bedtools environment
bedtools/2.26.0 loads the bedtools environment
bfast/0.7.0a facilitates the fast and accurate mapping of short reads to reference sequences
binutils/2.24 loads the binutils environment
binutils/2.25 loads the binutils environment
biogeme/2.4 loads the biogeme environment
bismark/0.13.0 loads the bismark environment
bismark/0.13.1 loads the bismark environment
bismark/0.9.0 A tool to map bisulfite converted sequence reads and determine cytosine methylation states
bison/2.4.1 loads the bison environment
bison/3.0.4 loads the bison environment
blas/08_2013 routines that provide standard building blocks for performing basic vector and matrix operations
blast/2.2.22 loads the blast environment
blast/2.2.28+ finds regions of local similarity between sequences
blat/35x1 tool which performs rapid mRNA/DNA and cross-species protein alignments
boost/1.44.0 free portable C++ libraries
boost/1.54.0 free portable C++ libraries
boost/1.57.0 loads the boost environment
boost/1.59.0 loads the boost environment
boost/1.61.0 loads the boost environment
boost/1.61.0_iostreams loads the boost environment
boost/1.64.0 loads the boost environment
bowtie/0.12.8 loads the bowtie environment
bowtie/1.0.0 an ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner
bowtie2/2-2.1.0 an ultrafast and memory-efficient tool for aligning sequencing reads to long reference sequences
bowtie2/2.3.2 loads the bowtie2 environment
breseq/0.30.0 loads the breseq environment
bsmap/2.89 loads the bsmap environment
bwa/0.7.12 loads the bwa environment
bwa/0.7.5a software package for mapping low-divergent sequences against a large reference genome
byacc/20140715 loads the byacc environment
bzip2/1.0.6 a freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
bzip2/1.0.6_fPIC loads the bzip2 environment
bzip2/1.0.6_fPIC_lib loads the bzip2 environment
cairo/1.12.16 loads the cairo environment
canu/1.5 loads the canu environment
casava/1.8.2 loads the casava environment
cgpVcf/2.0.4 loads the cgpVcf environment
clang+llvm/3.5.0 loads the clang+llvm environment
clhep/ loads the clhep environment
clhep/ loads the clhep environment
cloog/0.18.0 library to generate code for scanning Z-polyhedra
cloog/0.18.1 loads the cloog environment
clover/2011-10-24 loads the clover environment
clustalo/1.2.0 loads the clustalo environment
cmake/ cross-platform, open-source build system
cmake/2.8.5 loads the cmake environment
cmake/3.2.2 loads the cmake environment
cmake/3.8.2 loads the cmake environment
cp2k/2.6.2 loads the cp2k environment
cp2k/4.1-070617 loads the cp2k environment
cp2k/with_openmp/2.6.2 loads the cp2k/with_openmp environment
cppunit/1.14.0 loads the cppunit environment
cuda/4.2.9 parallel computing platform and programming model
cuda/5.5.22 parallel computing platform and programming model
cuda/7.0.28 loads the cuda environment
cuda/7.5.18 loads the cuda environment
cuda/8.0.44 loads the cuda environment
cuda/8.0.61 loads the cuda environment
cudnn/v1_for_cuda_6.5 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v2_for_cuda_6.5 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v3_for_cuda_7.0 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v4.0_for_cuda_7.0prod loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v4_for_cuda_7.0rc loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v5.0-ga_for_cuda_7.5 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v5.0-ga_for_cuda_8.0 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v5.1_for_cuda_7.5 loads the cudnn environment
cudnn/v5.1_for_cuda_8.0 loads the cudnn environment
cufflinks/2.1.1 assembles transcripts, estimates their abundances, and tests for differential expression and regulation in RNA-Seq samples
cufflinks/2.2.0 loads the cufflinks environment
cufflinks/2.2.1 loads the cufflinks environment
cutadapt/1.3 loads the cutadapt environment
cutadapt/1.7.1 loads the cutadapt environment
cutadapt/1.9 loads the cutadapt environment
ddd/3.3.12 loads the ddd environment
desmond_maestro/2014.2 loads the desmond_maestro environment
diamond/0.8.22 loads the diamond environment
distmake/0.5 distributes make jobs across nodes
diyabc/2.1.0 loads the diyabc environment
eigen/3.2.4 loads the eigen environment
emacs/23.4 loads the emacs environment
emacs/24.4 loads the emacs environment
eman2/2.12.linux64 loads the eman2 environment
ess/13.09-1 loads the ess environment
expat/2.1.0 loads the expat environment
fastStructure/v1.0-4-ge47212f loads the fastStructure environment
fastq-tools/0.7 loads the fastq-tools environment
fastqc/0.10.1 A quality control application for high throughput sequence data
fastqc/0.11.5 loads the fastqc environment
fastuniq/1.1 loads the fastuniq environment
fastx_toolkit/0.0.14 loads the fastx_toolkit environment
fds-smv/FDS_6.0.0-SMV_6.1.4 loads the fds-smv environment
fds-smv/FDS_6RC3-SMV_6.0.11 Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is a large-eddy simulation (LES) code for low-speed flows, with an emphasis on smoke and heat transport from fires. Smokeview (SMV) is a visualization program used to display the output of FDS and CFAST simulations.
ffmpeg/2.8.4-32bit-static loads the ffmpeg environment
ffmpeg/2.8.4-64bit-static loads the ffmpeg environment
ffmpeg/20160120 loads the ffmpeg environment
fftw/3.3.3 loads the fftw environment
fftw/3.3.4 loads the fftw environment
fftw/3.3.4_20151203 loads the fftw environment
fftw/3.3.4_20151203_autogen loads the fftw environment
fftw-intel/3.3.3 loads the fftw-intel environment
flex/2.5.39 loads the flex environment
fontconfig/2.11.1 loads the fontconfig environment
fox/1.6.50 loads the fox environment
g2/0.72 loads the g2 environment
gcc/4.7.4 loads the gcc environment
gcc/4.8.1 aims to improve the compiler used in the GNU system including the GNU/Linux variant
gcc/4.9.2 aims to improve the compiler used in the GNU system including the GNU/Linux variant
gcc/5.1.0 loads the gcc environment
gdal/1.11.1 loads the gdal environment
gdal/1.11.2 loads the gdal environment
gdb/7.7 loads the gdb environment
geant4/10.0.p02 loads the geant4 environment
geant4/9.6.p03 loads the geant4 environment
geos/3.3.3 loads the geos environment
gettext/0.19.3 loads the gettext environment
gffcompare/0.9.8 loads the gffcompare environment
gffread/0.9.8 loads the gffread environment
gfold/1.1.2 loads the gfold environment
giflib/5.1.0 loads the giflib environment
git/2.1.3 loads the git environment
glib/2.41.1 loads the glib environment
glibc/2.23 loads the glibc environment
glpk/4.55 loads the glpk environment
gmap-gsnap/2013-07-20 GMAP
gmp/5.1.2 a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers
gmp/5.1.3 loads the gmp environment
gmp/6.0.0 loads the gmp environment
gnu_parallel/20160522 loads the gnu_parallel environment
gnuplot/4.6.3 portable command-line driven graphing utility
gnuplot/4.6.5 loads the gnuplot environment
gnutls/3.2.15 loads the gnutls environment
gnutls/3.4.14 loads the gnutls environment
googletest/1.7.0 loads the googletest environment
gperftools/2.2.1 loads the gperftools environment
gromacs/2016.3 loads the gromacs environment
gromacs/2016.3_plumed_2.3.2 loads the gromacs environment
gromacs/4.6.1 loads the gromacs environment
gsl/1.16 loads the gsl environment
guideseq/1.0.1 loads the guideseq environment
hadoop/1.2.1 loads the hadoop environment
hadoop/2.2.0 loads the hadoop environment
hadoop/2.6.0 loads the hadoop environment
harfbuzz/0.9.29 loads the harfbuzz environment
hdf-java/3.2.1 loads the hdf-java environment
hdf4/4.2.13 loads the hdf4 environment
hdf5/1.10.1 loads the hdf5 environment
hdf5/1.8.11-linux-shared suite that makes possible the management of extremely large and complex data collections
hdf5/1.8.11-linux-x86_64-shared suite that makes possible the management of extremely large and complex data collections
hdf5/1.8.13 loads the hdf5 environment
hdf5/1.8.13-alt loads the hdf5 environment
hdf5/1.8.6-linux-static loads the hdf5 environment
hdf5/1.8.9-shared loads the hdf5 environment
hisat/0.1.6-beta loads the hisat environment
hisat2/2.0.4 loads the hisat2 environment
hisat2/2.0.5 loads the hisat2 environment
hmmer/3.1b2 loads the hmmer environment
hpctools/1.0.0 loads the hpctools environment
htslib/1.3 loads the htslib environment
htslib/2014_06_02 loads the htslib environment
htslib/dev-2014_06_11 loads the htslib environment
hypre/2.11.1 loads the hypre environment
imake/1.0.2 loads the imake environment
intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1 a high performance compiler for C or fortran
intel/composer_xe_2015_sp1.0.080 a high performance compiler for C or fortran
intel/mkl_libraries_from_composer_xe_2013_sp1 Intel Math Kernel Library
isl/0.11.1 a thread-safe C library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by affine constraints
isl/0.12.1 loads the isl environment
isl/0.12.2 loads the isl environment
isl/0.14 loads the isl environment
isl/0.18 loads the isl environment
jalview/2.8.2 loads the jalview environment
java/1.6.0_45 loads the jdk environment
java/1.7.0_25 a widely used platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments
java/1.8.0_31 a widely used platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments
java/1.8.0_77 loads the jdk environment
jblas/1.2.4 loads the jblas environment
jdk/1.6.0_45 loads the jdk environment
jdk/1.7.0_25 a widely used platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments
jdk/1.8.0_31 a widely used platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments
jdk/1.8.0_77 loads the jdk environment
je/1.2 loads the je environment
jellyfish/2.2.3 loads the jellyfish environment
jpeg/9a loads the jpeg environment
jsplice/1.0 loads the jsplice environment
julia/0.4.1 loads the julia environment
kim-api/1.6.0 loads the kim-api environment
lapack/3.5.0 provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems
lapack/3.5.0-intel provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems
lapack/3.5.0_gcc_5.1.0 loads the lapack environment
lapack/3.5.0_sourceforge loads the lapack environment
lesstif/0.95.2 loads the lesstif environment
libXss/1.2.2 loads the libXss environment
libcurl/7.33.0 a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library
libcurl/7.37.0 loads the libcurl environment
libevent/2.0.22 loads the libevent environment
libfabric/1.3.0 loads the libfabric environment
libffi/3.1 loads the libffi environment
libffi/3.2.1 loads the libffi environment
libgd/2.0.33 loads the libgd environment
libgd/2.1.0 loads the libgd environment
libgd/2.1.1 loads the libgd environment
libgphoto2/2.5.9 loads the libgphoto2 environment
libgtextutils/0.7 loads the libgtextutils environment
libint/1.1.4 loads the libint environment
libjpeg/6b loads the libjpeg environment
libmatheval/1.1.11 loads the libmatheval environment
libpng/1.5.17 loads the libpng environment
libpng/1.6.3 the official PNG reference library
libpng/1.6.8 loads the libpng environment
libreadline/6.3 loads the libreadline environment
libsodium/1.0.8 loads the libsodium environment
libtasn1/4.8 loads the libtasn1 environment
libtiff/3.9.7 loads the libtiff environment
libtiff/4.0.3 loads the libtiff environment
libtool/2.4.2 a generic library support script
libtool/2.4.6 loads the libtool environment
libungif/4.1.4 loads the libungif environment
libunistring/0.9.4 loads the libunistring environment
libunwind/1.1 loads the libunwind environment
libxdrfile/1.1.4 loads the libxdrfile environment
libxml2/2.9.1 loads the libxml2 environment
lpsolve/ loads the lpsolve environment
lsf-drmaa/20140813 loads the lsf-drmaa environment
lsprepost/4.3 loads the lsprepost environment
lua/5.3.2 loads the lua environment
luajit/2.0.4 loads the luajit environment
lzma/4.32.7 loads the lzma environment
macs/1.4.2 loads the macs environment
mahout/0.9 loads the mahout environment
mam/1.4.2 loads the mam environment
mappabilitymap/2014_07_09 loads the mappabilitymap environment
matio/1.5.2 loads the matio environment
matlab_compiler_runtime/R2013a loads the matlab_compiler_runtime environment
matrix2png/1.2.2 loads the matrix2png environment
mats/3.0.8 loads the mats environment
mats/3.0.9 loads the mats environment
meme/4.9.1_1 loads the meme environment
meme/4.9.1_2 loads the meme environment
mercurial/3.3.3 loads the mercurial environment
mirdeep2/0.0.5 loads the mirdeep2 environment
miropeats/2.02 loads the miropeats environment
moabs/1.3.2 loads the moabs environment
mothur/1.35.1 loads the mothur environment
mpc/1.0.1 a C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result
mpfr/3.1.2 a C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding
mpich/3.0.4 loads the mpich environment
mpich/3.1.3 loads the mpich environment
mpich/3.2 loads the mpich environment; compiled with options from /share/src/mpich/3.2/COMMAND
mpich-3.0.4-nfs/3.0.4 loads the mpich-3.0.4-nfs environment
mpich-intel/3.0.4 a high performance and widely portable implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard
mpich2/1.4.1p1 loads the mpich2 environment
mrfast/ loads the mrfast environment
mrsfast/ loads the mrsfast environment
mutect/1.1.7 loads the mutect environment
mutsig2cv/20160603 loads the mutsig2cv environment
mvapich2/1.9 MPI over InfiniBand, 10GigE/iWARP and RoCE
mvapich2/2.0a MPI over InfiniBand, 10GigE/iWARP and RoCE
mvapich2/2.2 loads the mvapich2 environment; compiled with options from /share/src/mvapich2/2.2/COMMAND
mvapich2/2.2a loads the mvapich2 environment
mvapich2/2.2rc1 loads the mvapich2 environment
mvapich2-intel/2.1 loads the mvapich2-intel environment
mysql-connector/c-6.1.3-linux-glibc2.5-x86_64 loads the mysql-connector environment
mysql-connector/python-2.0.4 loads the mysql-connector environment
nasm/2.11.08 loads the nasm environment
ncbi-rmblastn/2.2.28 loads the ncbi-rmblastn environment
ncbi_cxx/12_0_0 loads the ncbi_cxx environment
ncftp/3.2.5 NcFTP Client - is a set of application programs implementing the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
ncurses/5.9 a free software emulation of curses in System V Release 4.0, and more
ncurses/6.0 loads the ncurses environment
netcdf/4.3.0 NetCDF is a set of software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data
netcdf/ loads the netcdf environment
nettle/2.7 loads the nettle environment
nettle/3.0 loads the nettle environment
nettle/3.1 loads the nettle environment
nettle/3.1.1 loads the nettle environment
nettle/3.2 loads the nettle environment
nextflow/ loads the nextflow environment
ngsplot/2.61 loads the ngsplot environment
ngsutils/0.5.7 loads the ngsutils environment
novocraft/V3.02.08 loads the novocraft environment
nvidia_driver/331.38 loads the nvidia_driver environment
nvidia_driver/375.26 loads the nvidia_driver environment
nvidia_gpu_computing_sdk/4.2.9 loads the nvidia_gpu_computing_sdk environment
nvidia_gpu_deployment_kit/352_79 loads the nvidia_gpu_deployment_kit environment
openblas/0.2.12 loads the openblas environment
openblas/0.2.15 loads the openblas environment
openblas/0.2.19-070617 loads the openblas environment
openmpi/1.4.3 loads the openmpi environment
openmpi/1.6.5 an open source MPI-2 implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners
openmpi/1.6.5-alt an open source MPI-2 implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners
openmpi/2.0.1 loads the openmpi environment; compiled with options from /share/src/openmpi/2.0.1/COMMAND
openmpi/2.0.1-intel loads the openmpi environment
openssl/1.0.1e collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library
openssl/1.0.1g loads the openssl environment
openssl/1.0.1q loads the openssl environment
openssl/1.0.2e loads the openssl environment
orient/20020806 loads the orient environment
p11-kit/0.23.2 loads the p11-kit environment
pBWA/0.5.9-1.21009 loads the pBWA environment
pandaseq/2.8.1 loads the pandaseq environment
pango/1.36.5 loads the pango environment
paraview/5.0.0 loads the paraview environment
patchelf/0.8 loads the patchelf environment
pcre/8.33 a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5
pcre/8.33_utf8 loads the pcre environment
pcre/8.40 loads the pcre environment
pcre2/10.23 loads the pcre2 environment
pdftk/2.02 loads the pdftk environment
peakseq/1.01 loads the peakseq environment
peakseq/1.1 loads the peakseq environment
peakseq/1.3 loads the peakseq environment
perl/5.10.1 loads the perl environment
perl/5.18.1 loads the perl environment
petsc/3.5.3 loads the petsc environment
phoronix_test_suite/6.8.0 loads the phoronix_test_suite environment
php/7.1.1 loads the php environment
picard/1.96 a set of tools (in Java) for working with next generation sequencing data in the BAM format.
picard/2.0.1 a set of tools (in Java) for working with next generation sequencing data in the BAM format.
pigz/2.3.1 loads the pigz environment
piranha/1.2.0 loads the piranha environment
pixman/0.32.4 loads the pixman environment
pkg-config/0.28 loads the pkg-config environment
pkg-config/0.29.1 loads the pkg-config environment
plink/1.07 a free, open-source whole genome association analysis toolset, designed to perform a range of basic, large-scale analyses in a computationally efficient manner
plinkseq/0.08 loads the plinkseq environment
plumed/2.3.2 loads the plumed environment
postgresql-client/9.4.4 loads the postgresql-client environment
ppl/1.1 loads the ppl environment
prinseq/0.20.4 loads the prinseq environment
prodigal/2.6.3 loads the prodigal environment
proj.4/4.9.0 loads the proj.4 environment
pypy/2.6.0 loads the pypy environment
python/2.6.9 loads the python environment
python/2.7.5 loads the python environment
python/2.7.5_packages/GEOparse/0.1.7 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/GEOparse environment
python/2.7.5_packages/RSeQC/2.6.2 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/RSeQC environment
python/2.7.5_packages/biopython/1.68 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/biopython environment
python/2.7.5_packages/boto3/1.3.0 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/boto3 environment
python/2.7.5_packages/deeptools/2.2.2 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/deeptools environment
python/2.7.5_packages/simple-crypt/4.1 loads the python/2.7.5_packages/simple-crypt environment
python/2.7.9 loads the python environment
python/2.7.9-test loads the python environment
python/2.7.9_packages/CGAT/0.2.4 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/CGAT environment
python/2.7.9_packages/CRISPResso/1.0.5 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/CRISPResso environment
python/2.7.9_packages/GDAL/1.11.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/GDAL environment
python/2.7.9_packages/GDAL/2.1.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/GDAL environment
python/2.7.9_packages/GEOparse/0.1.7 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/GEOparse environment
python/2.7.9_packages/HTSeq/0.6.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/HTSeq environment
python/2.7.9_packages/NucleoATAC/0.3.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/NucleoATAC environment
python/2.7.9_packages/PGen/0.2.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/PGen environment
python/2.7.9_packages/PyLOH/1.4.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/PyLOH environment
python/2.7.9_packages/RSeQC/2.6.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/RSeQC environment
python/2.7.9_packages/arvados-cwl-runner/1.0.20170629115132 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/arvados-cwl-runner environment
python/2.7.9_packages/arvados-python-client/0.1.20170629115132 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/arvados-python-client environment
python/2.7.9_packages/awscli/1.11.81 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/awscli environment
python/2.7.9_packages/biopython/1.66 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/biopython environment
python/2.7.9_packages/bx-python/0.7.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/bx-python environment
python/2.7.9_packages/cellprofiler/20161205 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/cellprofiler environment
python/2.7.9_packages/chainer/1.6.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/chainer environment
python/2.7.9_packages/clipper/0.2.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/clipper environment
python/2.7.9_packages/cython/0.22.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/cython environment
python/2.7.9_packages/cython/0.23.4 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/cython environment
python/2.7.9_packages/cython/0.25 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/cython environment
python/2.7.9_packages/deeptools/2.2.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/deeptools environment
python/2.7.9_packages/django/1.9.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/django environment
python/2.7.9_packages/h5py/2.5.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/h5py environment
python/2.7.9_packages/iced/0.2.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/iced environment
python/2.7.9_packages/iotop/0.6 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/iotop environment
python/2.7.9_packages/keras/0.3.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/keras environment
python/2.7.9_packages/keras/1.0.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/keras environment
python/2.7.9_packages/keras/2.0.5 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/keras environment
python/2.7.9_packages/landlab/0.5.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/landlab environment
python/2.7.9_packages/lasagne/0.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/lasagne environment
python/2.7.9_packages/macs2/2.1.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/macs2 environment
python/2.7.9_packages/matplotlib/1.4.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/matplotlib environment
python/2.7.9_packages/misopy/0.5.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/misopy environment
python/2.7.9_packages/networkx/1.11 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/networkx environment
python/2.7.9_packages/nose/1.3.7 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/nose environment
python/2.7.9_packages/numpy/1.9.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/numpy environment
python/2.7.9_packages/oligotyping/2.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/oligotyping environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pandas/0.17.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pandas environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pbcore/1.2.10 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pbcore environment
python/2.7.9_packages/picrust/1.0.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/picrust environment
python/2.7.9_packages/plastid/0.4.5 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/plastid environment
python/2.7.9_packages/plastid/0.4.6 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/plastid environment
python/2.7.9_packages/plastid/0.4.8 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/plastid environment
python/2.7.9_packages/prokaryote/1.0.11 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/prokaryote environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pycurl/7.43.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pycurl environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pysam/0.7.8 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pysam environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pysam/0.8.3 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pysam environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pysam/0.8.4 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pysam environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pyyaml/3.11 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pyyaml environment
python/2.7.9_packages/pyzmq/16.0.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/pyzmq environment
python/2.7.9_packages/qiime/1.9.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/qiime environment
python/2.7.9_packages/rmats2sashimiplot/20160407 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/rmats2sashimiplot environment
python/2.7.9_packages/rpy2/2.7.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/rpy2 environment
python/2.7.9_packages/scikit-learn/0.17 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/scikit-learn environment
python/2.7.9_packages/scikit-monaco/0.2.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/scikit-monaco environment
python/2.7.9_packages/scipy/0.15.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/scipy environment
python/2.7.9_packages/scipy/0.17.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/scipy environment
python/2.7.9_packages/scons/2.4.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/scons environment
python/2.7.9_packages/six/1.10.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/six environment
python/2.7.9_packages/tensorflow/0.6.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/tensorflow environment
python/2.7.9_packages/theano/0.7.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/theano environment
python/2.7.9_packages/theano/0.8.0 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/theano environment
python/2.7.9_packages/theano/0.8.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/theano environment
python/2.7.9_packages/umi/1.1 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/umi environment
python/2.7.9_packages/umitools/0.1.6 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/umitools environment
python/2.7.9_packages/virtualenv/13.1.2 loads the python/2.7.9_packages/virtualenv environment
python3/3.3.2 loads the python environment
python3/3.4.3 loads the python environment
python3/3.5.0 loads the python3 environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/cython/0.23.5 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/cython environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/intogen/3.0.3 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/intogen environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/matplotlib/1.5.1 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/matplotlib environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/numpy/1.10.1 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/numpy environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/pandas/0.18.0 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/pandas environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/pybedtools/0.7.7 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/pybedtools environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/pysam/0.9.0 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/pysam environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/scipy/0.16.1 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/scipy environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/theano/0.7.0 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/theano environment
python3/3.5.0_packages/virtualenv/15.0.1 loads the python3/3.5.0_packages/virtualenv environment
qt/4.8.6 loads the qt environment
qt/5.5.1 loads the qt environment
quasirecomb/1.2 loads the quasirecomb environment
qure/0.99971 loads the qure environment
rMATS/3.2.1.beta loads the rMATS environment
rMATS/3.2.5 loads the rMATS environment
randfold/2.0 loads the randfold environment
rclone/1.35 loads the rclone environment
readline/6.2 a set of functions for use by applications that allow users to edit command lines as they are typed in
readline/6.3 loads the readline environment
readline/7.0 loads the readline environment
reaper/13-274 loads the reaper environment
relion/1.3 loads the relion environment
relion/1.4 loads the relion environment
root/5.34.19 loads the root environment
rsync/3.1.1 loads the rsync environment
ruby/2.1.3 loads the ruby environment
ruby/2.4.1 loads the ruby environment
sage/6.8 loads the sage environment
samtools/0.0.19 a generic format for storing large nucleotide sequence alignments
samtools/0.1.18 loads the samtools environment
samtools/0.1.19 loads the samtools environment
samtools/1.1 loads the samtools environment
samtools/1.2 loads the samtools environment
samtools/1.2_ol loads the samtools environment
samtools/1.3 loads the samtools environment
samtools/1.4.1 loads the samtools environment
samtools/dev-2014_06_11 loads the samtools environment
samtools/dev-2016_06_06 loads the samtools environment
scalapack/2.0.1-openblas loads the scalapack environment
schrodinger/2013-3 loads the schrodinger environment
schrodinger/2014-4 loads the schrodinger environment
schrodinger/2015-1 loads the schrodinger environment
schrodinger/2016-3 loads the schrodinger environment
scilab/5.5.2-x86_64 loads the scilab environment
seqimp/13-274 loads the seqimp environment
seqmonk/0.29.0 loads the seqmonk environment
serf/1.3.8 loads the serf environment
shogun/4.0.0 loads the shogun environment
shorah/0.8 loads the shorah environment
sickle/1.33 loads the sickle environment
silix/1.2.11 loads the silix environment
singularity/singularity-2.3.1 loads the singularity environment
slepc/3.5.3 loads the slepc environment
smrtanalysis/2.2.0 loads the smrtanalysis environment
smrtlink/4.0.0 loads the smrtlink environment
smrtlink/ loads the smrtlink environment
snpEff_snpSift/01_16_2014 loads the snpEff_snpSift environment
sparsehash/2.0.2 an extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation
sqlite/3080001 a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine
sqlite/3080600 loads the sqlite environment
sqlite/3180000 loads the sqlite environment
sratoolkit/2.3.4-2 loads the sratoolkit environment
sratoolkit/2.8.0 loads the sratoolkit environment
star/2.3.0e aligns RNA-seq reads to a reference genome using uncompressed suffix arrays
star/2.4.2a loads the star environment
star/2.5.3a loads the star environment
stringtie/1.1.2 loads the stringtie environment
stringtie/1.3.0 loads the stringtie environment
super-deduper/20160410 loads the super-deduper environment
svn/1.8.3 loads subversion source code manager
svn/1.9.2 loads the svn environment
swig/3.0.5 loads the swig environment
szip/2.1.1 loads the szip environment
tabix/0.2.6 loads the tabix environment
tablemaker/2.1.1 loads the tablemaker environment
tbb/2017_20170604oss loads the tbb environment
tcl/8.6.4 loads the tcl environment
texlive/2015 loads the texlive environment
tk/8.6.4 loads the tk environment
tophat/1.4.1 loads the tophat environment
tophat/2.0.12 loads the tophat environment
tophat/2.0.14 loads the tophat environment
tophat/2.0.9 a fast splice junction mapper for RNA-Seq reads
tophat/2.1.1 loads the tophat environment
torch7/20160219 loads the torch7 environment
trf/4.07b loads the trf environment
trilinos/11.6.2 loads the trilinos environment
trim_galore/0.3.7 loads the trim_galore environment
trim_galore/0.4.2 loads the trim_galore environment
trimmomatic/0.32 loads the trimmomatic environment
trinity/2.2.0 loads the trinity environment
trinity/r2013-02-25 provides software solutions targeted to the reconstruction of full-length transcripts and alternatively spliced isoforms from Illumina RNA-Seq data
trinotate/3.0.2 loads the trinotate environment
ucsc_cmdline_util/12_16_2013 loads the ucsc_cmdline_util environment
udunits/2.2.14 loads the udunits environment
unixbench/5.1.3 loads the unixbench environment
usearch/7.0.1090 loads the usearch environment
valgrind/3.10.1 loads the valgrind environment
variant_tools/2.2.0 loads the variant_tools environment
vast-tools/0.2.1 loads the vast-tools environment
vcftools/0.1.11 loads the vcftools environment
vcftools/0.1.14 loads the vcftools environment
velvet/1.2.10 loads the velvet environment
velvet/1.2.10-OPENMP loads the velvet environment
vep/84 loads the vep environment
vicuna/1.3 loads the vicuna environment
vmtouch/1.0.2 loads the vmtouch environment
voro++/0.4.6 loads the voro++ environment
voro++-intel/0.4.6 loads the voro++-intel environment
vtf3/1.43 loads the vtf3 environment
wget/1.15 loads the wget environment
xerces-c/3.1.1 loads the xerces-c environment
xqilla/2.3.0 loads the xqilla environment
xz/5.2.1 loads the xz environment
xz/5.2.3 loads the xz environment
zagros/1.0.0 loads the zagros environment
zeromq/4.1.4 loads the zeromq environment
zlib/ loads the zlib environment
zlib/1.2.7 loads the zlib environment
zlib/1.2.8 a massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library
zsh/5.0.5 loads the zsh environment