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These pages are for GHPCC users to share information with others.

Register to Edit and Contribute

Unfortunately Wikis are susceptible to spam attacks -- users must register for an account to be able to edit and add to these pages.

Steps to Register for a GHPCC Wiki Account

  • Click the "Log in" link above right, and find the link for registration:
Here is the direct link UMass GHPCC User Wiki
  • Check to see that you can login (although you can't edit yet).
  • After registering e-mail and kindly request that they activate your new wiki account so that you can edit.

Learning to Wiki

Using Wiki provides resources for getting started using and adding to this wiki

HPCC Information

Community FAQ These are user community provide frequenlty asked questions

Should we parallel the other official pages with unofficial user supplementation? JeffB

Information about the Cluster

Requesting Access

Connecting to the Cluster

Transferring Data

Submitting Cluster Jobs

Checking Job Status

Example Cluster Jobs

Provided Software

Reference Genomes

Installing Software and Modules